Land borders are often considered as obstacles, and a variety of remedies have been experimented. 

A solution has emerged at continental level in Africa, the One-Stop Border Post (OSBP).

The core issue is to quantify the impact on border crossing time resulting from the introduction of a fully functioning OSBP at border crossings on transport corridors.

The project objective is to develop a web-based corridor performance monitoring system (CPMS) that will provide reports and indicators measuring border crossing time and route trucking time for several corridors in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The production of the indicators is based on GPS positioning data obtained from the truck fleet management systems operated by trucking companies and / or GPS fleet management service providers. This builds on the previous and successful similar project operated by TMSA.  

The project and stakeholders are coordinated by the SATIAH Team, who has a broader objective to facilitate policy development and related capacity building in the transport sector of Africa.

The project was sponsored for the first year by the World Bank; http://worldbank.org/ and is currently sponsored by the USAID; https://www.usaid.gov/


The Service Provider to the project that has been appointed by the Worldbank is Crickmay.  Crickmay has 34 years of experience in leveraging data from independent entities and turning this cumbersome data set into appropriate, accurate and reliable information for stakeholders to improve their decision-making quality. See www.crickmay.co.za for more info.

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